“When you’re tempted to give up, I choose love.”

I heard this song today. It had the above line in it. It really hit home for me. The song was about someone who was at the end of their rope. Had enough. Couldn’t do life any more.  And the singer is saying choose love when you’re wanting to give up.

This perplexed me a little. On one hand the person wanting to give up is saying ‘I cant do anything more with my life.’ And the singer is saying, ‘make one more choice, choose….. Love.’

This meant a lot to me as I wanted to give up myself on my dreams and aspirations. As I heard this, the picture I got was of me falling back into God’s arms and relaxing.  I thought ‘That’s strange’.

We are so ‘works’ based as the human race. Do, do, do. To get love, do something.

Well today I choose to let go of doing. My Father in Heaven is just that, He’s my Father. He loves me so much. He will never stop loving me because I loose my faith in my own abilities. This was the scripture that came to mind;

“If we are faithless,
He remains faithful;
He cannot deny Himself.” 2 Timothy

It’s because this relationship that I have with my heavenly Father (Dad) is not based on my performance or whether I get things right all the time, or even if I have the energy to achieve my goals.  Jesus did what He did on the cross so that we could be with our Dad forever. Nothing separating us, ever again. Nothing.  

So this is why, at the end of my rope, God says to me, “Son, choose my love for you right now. You can rest in the fact, that I will not stop loving you.” And for some reason, that motivates me to keep going.  

I choose love every time.

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