Santa v Jesus.

It's Christmas time. When Santa decides if you get something good depending on whether you have been naughty or nice......

I read an article recently, titled "10 men Christian women should never marry" on a friends Facebook page and was relieved that my wife did not read this before she married me.

If there is one thing I know for sure it's that I did not deserve a woman like my wife. She is a believer and loves Jesus. She has been picky and protective over herself about which men to date and not to date. She is everything and more that I asked God for in a woman. She looks after me and loves me to the max, always doing things for me and thinking of how to bless me in our marriage.

I am telling you right now, I didn't deserve this woman. When we met, I was not even 'marriage material' according to this article's standards. I won't go into my flaws, but let's just say I missed the mark according to this list.

"God does not coerce change by threatening us, but instead He conquers by lavishing His love upon us." I read this in the New Spirit Filled Bible under Romans 5..... God brought my wife into my life to express His love for me and boy has it changed me! His love has increased my capacity to move further into the things God has for me, to live my life in freedom and victory. If he hadn't done this for me and instead kept keeping good things from me because I failed to meet the proper performance criteria, I would still be stuck in the same rut or even deeper in despair.

So remember why we celebrate Christmas. As a Christian, don't adhere to the teachings of Santa (do good, get good, do bad get bad). Instead, believe in the fact that Jesus was born to die for us even when we were at our worst, unable to help ourselves and not doing anything right to deserve anything good (Romans 5). He lavished his love on us, gave us everything when we were at our worst so that we could live free and full lives in worship to Him, in relationship with Him, children and heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven. What we are made for.

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  1. Nice blog again Jay, a nice reminder that our actions do not determine our worth...

  2. Great insights about the beauty and transformative power of God's grace, Jay... And a good challenge for single women to yes, be discerning and have standards, but that standard shouldn't be perfection. Only Jesus is perfect! -- Jen

    1. Exactly Jen! I am glad you wrote this here. Both woman and men have to be discerning when it comes to relationships.

  3. Exactly Jono. The more I know my worth, the more my actions display it.


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