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What's your calling?

We are doing the 'Redefined' series at church, which is a 16 week series focused on searching out the truth from the sermon on the mount. We are currently in week 5 and I've loved every sermon so far. 
I've realised the 'missional code' that the EN Melbourne church is searching for is wrapped up in the sermon of the mount. 
Unfortunately the majority of Australians don't see the church (in general) as they see Jesus and this is the churches own doing. Over the generations we became a church that is hypocritical, ingenuous, abusive (toward church family, people outside of the church and especially children), we stopped loving our enemies (and more then that we fought with and tore at each other) and became pharisaical. 
Here is the trap of the Australian church; we cared more about how we looked, with being right, with taking the moral high ground then dealing with the reality and struggle of sin through our relationship with Jesus. We forsook Jesus and His rig…

Getting guidance from God

Often, people ask me to pray for them or ask me for a prophetic word for them in regards to guidance from God. 
I know the first time a prophet came to my church, when I was freshly born again, I was praying and asking God for a prophetic word from the prophet. As I sat there, I felt the Holy Spirit say "stop asking Jay, you hear Me just fine." Lol. Who do I think I am? Do I hear better then a prophet?! I am only a new Christian! 
I learnt an incredible lesson and it's not because I love to move in the prophetic! Every single Christian has the right and ability to hear from God themselves because of what Jesus did on the cross. We no longer have to go thru anyone else to know, understand and be in the presence of our God. 
Two verses back me up on this; 
“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27 ESV
“For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, declares the Lord: I will put my laws into their minds, and wr…

Hide and Seek; A Kingdom Game of Maturity.

Ever played hide and seek? My boys love hide and seek and I've realised that I should be playing it more with them. Here's a thought process that I went through this morning after a 7 month growth spirt!

Spontaneous is good, intentionality is better. The Father is always intentional toward me and this makes me secure. And to live in His intentionality means I can always be secure in sudden (both negative and positive) changes in circumstances. 
But to really know His intentions toward me, I have to be less spontaneous in spending time with Him; instead, being more disciplined in seeking His face. 
As like any good parent/child relationship, The Father loves to play hide and seek. Spiritually speaking, we feel this at times when God 'feels' far away. These are the times where spiritual discipline comes in handy and faith is tested. Not a pass or fail test; but a test that refines. These are my greatest moments of growth. But I'll miss it if all I am chasing is a good f…

Five Minutes In The Mind of Jay

I once had a taxi driver who was of the Sikh Religion. I asked him why He believed what he believed in. His answer was like most people who are part of (and practicing) a religion; he said "I want to get closer to God."
I responded with this "what if I told you that there is an easier way to see God then to perform religious rituals? What if I told you I hear from God and you could to?"
Sounds crazy to most, but not to anybody who is religious or believes in some kind of God. This includes a Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Jew etc because there is an expectation that there is a day coming that they will see God (of some sort) face to face. Whether that's after they die or; through some type of spiritual enlightenment whilst they are alive.
There is a huge difference between Christianity and other religions; it's the promise of encountering God now. Also how you view Him now, will determine how you see Him in the next life (not in a fanciful way); and it's not b…