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I was born like this.

A blog post for all those in Jesus. I personally testify of the joy, forgiveness, mercy and love of God, because of the cross;
Jesus was born to bare our sin. He was tempted and didn't want to do what He was born to do. You might say 'he was born like that'. 
Who He was inside, in His spirit, wrestled greatly with what His flesh wanted. He denied 'what He was born like' in the flesh and fought the desires He felt to sin so greatly that He said;

Strength in the midst of pain. Salvation in the midst of loss.

I recently travelled up to my parents place for a well deserved holiday from raising a financial partnership team so as to be able to preach the gospel full time at Melbourne University, with my pregnant wife and two boys. Whilst there I meet and heard from some amazing people. 
The little holiday town that my parents live in, and the surrounding areas, has a population of about 33,000. And that is spread over a pretty large area. So a small town really, but God has put some big spiritual fish into this small pond and I wanted to share a salvation story about just how much God loves the people who live there.
I went to the local church one Sunday because I know a guy (I will call him John, but not real name) who is in training to become a pastor there. He sold up a successful small business that he owned so as to follow his heart to be used by God to change people's lives. Boy, what a service. There were approximately 70-80 people there, but they sang loud and with passion. I knew I…