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How To Pray When Things Are Tough

Praying is the most critical thing we can do as Christians. It's the intimacy of prayer and the power of prayer which can literally keep your life from sinking into despair. 
One of the main reasons that Jesus went to the cross for us was so that we could have an intimate and real relationship with Him NOW. While we are still on earth. No matter who you are, how old you are, what social status you have, how long you've been a christian or what title you have, an intimate prayer life (and by this I mean a two way conversation and encounter) with the Father is available to you through Jesus. So if you feel that you have been neglecting prayer, that's probably just the Holy Spirit nudging you to go and spend time with Him; because the privilege cost a lot.   
I am currently learning the art of crafted prayer. What I mean by this is, when I am in prayer and hear from the Holy Spirit on a current circumstance or situation or He responds to Me with what work He wants to do in me, …