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5 Points when Sharing Your Testimony.

Last Saturday I had the privilege of being invited to preach at a church in inner city Melbourne. It was on my heart to share with people some stories on times that I have shared the gospel with people. It was titled 'Your testimony and the Testimony of Jesus'. I want to inspire people to go out where ever they are, be it at work, school, university or in their own families and be confident to share the who Jesus is, what He did on the cross and how that has changed their lives. I have 5 points from the sermon that I wanted to share;
1. It's important to share your testimony coupled with the message of what Jesus did on the cross. One day I had my neighbours over for lunch. They were of the Sikh religion. As I was chatting to the husband about his faith, he would tell me about how he tried Christianity and that he didn't find value in it. We started to discuss bible verses and it was getting quite theologically involved. At that moment I was reminded of this verse; "…