5 Points when Sharing Your Testimony.

Last Saturday I had the privilege of being invited to preach at a church in inner city Melbourne. It was on my heart to share with people some stories on times that I have shared the gospel with people. It was titled 'Your testimony and the Testimony of Jesus'. I want to inspire people to go out where ever they are, be it at work, school, university or in their own families and be confident to share the who Jesus is, what He did on the cross and how that has changed their lives. I have 5 points from the sermon that I wanted to share;

1. It's important to share your testimony coupled with the message of what Jesus did on the cross. 
One day I had my neighbours over for lunch. They were of the Sikh religion. As I was chatting to the husband about his faith, he would tell me about how he tried Christianity and that he didn't find value in it. We started to discuss bible verses and it was getting quite theologically involved. At that moment I was reminded of this verse; "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death." (Revelation 12:11). So I said to my neighbour "can I tell you what I believe and why?" He said yes and I proceeded to tell my story and how what Jesus did on the cross changed my life. His wife said after "I can see how that would display that God loves you!". Deposit seeds life into peoples hearts and not so much their minds.

2. Repentance is necessary.

The months before I knew Jesus my life was in a really bad place. When people would tell me that Jesus could change my life and that He was God before I knew Him, I blamed Him for the mess my life was in! I would say "If he is God and love, then why would he let this happen to me??!!". It wasn't until I was in my room alone and decided 'to give this Jesus a try' that I realised that I was to blame for my life and not Him. The truth of His dying on the cross for my mistakes made me realise that He truly loved me. My repentance then was necessary. The fact that He rose from the dead made me realize I could now be in relationship with Him! Without repentance, you cannot truly know the value of what Jesus did for you. 

3. Listen to the person you are talking with AND CARE!
Leading someone to God through Jesus is not another notch on your belt! I share what Jesus did for me with people because I hear what’s happening in their lives and I want them to know how great God’s love and grace is for them. It will also enable you to highlight certain parts of your story and Jesus’ story to be relevant to them, but do not leave out critical information about Jesus in an attempt to be relevant to them.

4. You didn’t start the stirring of their heart to seek God and you cannot perfect it.  
Often, before you even meet someone to share your story with, God has already begun them on a journey to seek and discover Him. You do your part and let God do His.

5. Persecution may follow!
After sharing the great news about what Jesus has done in your life, people may ridicule and make fun of you! This happened to me the very first time I shared the gospel with my work mates. Boy did they really give me a serve and ridicule me! But, I eventually saw this as a blessing and it spurred me on to go deeper into God’s word.

So as you go about your day and God brings people across your path, always be ready, don’t be afraid and trust that God has your back every time.

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