My God is so Big! So Big and so Mighty!

I just had a flash back of when I was in primary school, (I would have been 7) of when my year level was on a Christian camp (wouldn't see that these days in a public school). We where traveling home on the bus and it broke down. The teacher on the bus to keep us entertained made us sing a song that we sang during the camp. It went like this;

'My God is so BIG, so BIG and so mighty there's nothing my God cannot do!' 

And we sang that over and over and over. I wasn't raised in a Christian home but that stuck with me because something was different in the atmosphere and I knew it was because of us singing that song.

Remembering it now (and I haven’t remembered that for years!), I realise that it was the Holy Spirit responding to worship. We where kids and believed what we where singing, well, I did and I didn't even know Him or who He was.

My first tangible encounter was during singing on a bus full of kids.

Can I encourage you? Go back to that first encounter with Him. It was simple and about what He could do, not what you had failed to do. No deep theology, nothing but you saying Jesus, you do it. I am saying yes to you. I believed it and He draw so close to me n I knew nothing about nothing, I was 7.

He loved me n knew me before the creation of the universe, He formed me in my mothers womb and met with me on a bus when I first worshipped Him at the age of 7.
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