Don't be ashamed.

“Whoever is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his glory” – Jesus. (Luke 9)

Yup. That’s right. Jesus said that. What Jesus says before this is a true reflection of what Jesus is asking of you and you better count the cost. You need to let Him lead. You need to let Him take the drivers seat.

I remember the first time I didn’t share Jesus when I should of because I was scared of what some people would think about me. Afterward I was reminded of this scripture. Jesus would be ashamed of me? But there was an intimate truth and conviction that came after that thought. This was my conviction;

Jesus absolutely loves me. He went through suffering, rejection, being falsely accused, whipped, humiliated and hung on the cross, for me. That was how Jesus displayed His love for me. This is how I know God loves me. The intimate part of this truth is hard to express in words, but when I felt ashamed of not sharing Jesus’ love to somebody, I felt that I had not expressed my love for Jesus after all that He had done for me.

Jesus is also pointing out something very important here. We must think eternally. Our true reward is in eternity with God and our actions here and now matter. And I mean really matter and what you believe directs your decisions and actions.

This verse sounds like doom and gloom. But it’s not. It has always challenged me to take a look at my self and ask ‘”Am I operating out of an eternal mind set?” The intimacy that I know I have with God leads me to a place in my spirit where I imagine the day that I meet Jesus face to face and He presents me to everything and everyone in Heaven saying to God “Jay was not ashamed of what I did for him.” And then everyone shouting and praising Jesus.

So inclosing, count the cost and share Jesus out of love not fear. If you mess up, apologise to Jesus and try again. I guarantee you He will give you another go at it as long as you’re still breathing.

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