Who does Jesus offer salvation to?

The Samaritan woman said to him, “You are a Jew and I am a Samaritan woman. How can you ask me for a drink?” (For Jews do not associate with Samaritans. John 4:9)

oh man oh man oh man….. I can’t get enough of John 4. For a few months now I have been drawn to this scripture and God has been revealing to me the massive truth bombs that are in it. In particular, how and to whom Jesus shared the message of Salvation with.

Salvation is for every single person. This is what has been constantly running through my mind over the past few months. The divides that we put on certain sins and the categories we put sinners into. As if there where different categories. Sin is sin. If something is a sin it leads to death. Full stop. That person you’re not sharing Jesus with because of their 'type' of sin is the same as your sin, they both lead to death. Sin doesn’t discriminate.

“God hates sin, but loves the sinner.” I have heard this saying a number of times, but my Pastor (Bernhard Wewege) reminded me of this the other day whilst talking about a topic, which divides people in Christian churches. But it had a whole different revelation to it once I put it with John 4.

In this scripture Jesus displays something amazing about his love for the sinner and displays what He is prepared to do for one. There is so much in this scripture about evangelism, but I will try and keep this short. In this post I want to focus on this excerpt; 

‘The Samaritan woman, taken aback, asked, “How come you, a Jew, are asking me, a Samaritan woman, for a drink?” (Jews in those days wouldn’t be caught dead talking to Samaritans.) John 4:9 The Message.

Now Jesus knows everything. But even if He didn’t know everything, anyone could tell that just by looking at them that this woman was a Samaritan woman and Jesus was a Jew and the two don’t mix and shouldn’t be caught with each other. When you read further on, we find out that Jesus even knew that this woman was a ‘huge’ sinner and beyond that still living in sin!

I am not sure how much more this woman has to do be labeled one of the most unrighteous people on earth according to the times. And yet Jesus approaches her. And not only that, asks her for a favour! Let me just also add, this woman knows what people think of her, that’s why she is on her own collecting water in the middle of the day on her own.

The Samaritan woman was being honest with Jesus in her responses to Him. At no point does Jesus condemn this woman or retract from the situation. He expresses the truth about what it is to truly worship God, who can save her and who she is and her sin does not disqualify her from a relationship with God if she repents (“It’s who you are and the way you live that count before God. Your worship must engage your spirit in the pursuit of truth. John 4:23).

My beliefs have been seriously challenged whilst learning the truth about who Jesus is and the people He approached to share the gospel with. Every person that I see now, if I have a thought that disqualifies them from me sharing the gospel with them, I check myself and God reminds me that Jesus died and offers Salvation through His resurrection to absolutely every single person. It has really challenged me, but I have loved every minute. I now see people differently, Praise God, and it sets me free from the confusion of judgment. I am a work in progress. But I want to share Jesus’ salvation, forgiveness and mercy. Not condemn or pick and choose whom the message is for based on my own belief of which sin and sinner is worse then another.  

So remember, Salvation is for every single person. 
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