Don't give up!

"Every person the Father gives to me eventually comes running to me. And once that person is with me, I hold on and don't let go."- Jesus. (John 6:37-38 MSG)

A great thing happens to you when you believe in Jesus. When you take that step towards Him and trust him to pick you up and hold on to you. He promises to NEVER let you go.

My God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. When he made a promise to never let me go He knew the mistakes I had made yesterday. He knew the mistakes I would make today. He knew the mistakes I was going to make tomorrow and yet He still said to me on that very day, knowing things I didn't know, that His forgiveness AND grace is sufficient for me.

For the purpose of this blogs subject, I said them in this order for a reason, forgiveness first and grace second. Firstly, if you know Jesus, God knowing all of your past, present and future mistakes says to you that He forgives you. Secondly, there are different aspects of grace that God has made available to you. Saving grace for example but the one I want to focus on is enabling grace. Its the grace that God told Paul about when Paul prayed to God to remove the thorn from his side. But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, my power is made perfect in weakness" (2 Corin 12:9). God did not tell Paul that he would take the thorn out but is telling Paul that He will give Paul grace so as to enable him to overcome his problem.

So here's why you don't ever have to give up. There is nothing you have done that can separate you from Gods love once Jesus stands in your place. No matter what your thorn is, whether it is drug addiction, depression, alcohol addiction, mental illness, failure in your career, a failed marriage or whatever it is, Jesus has made you the promise that He will NEVER let you go. Along with this, God has told you that his grace is enough for you to over come. He has given you permission to NEVER give up, no matter what, no matter how many attempts. Don't let the voices in your head tell you Jesus has let you go, that He no longer wants you. His saving grace was not just given to you so you could be saved, but he continually gives you His grace to enable you to do the impossible, to turn away from the things that want to steal your joy away. This is not a message to do as you want because you have grace, but to accept grace so you live out your full potential.

So if you do fall, repent and know that Jesus will help you back up, as many times as it takes. Depend on his grace to overcome and rely on the fact that the Father chose you and Jesus will never let you go.

He will finish what He started in you.


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