Ask, Seek, Knock. Repeat.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

What a verse. One of the first things that God taught me is that I should always ask Him for what ever I need and not be timid about it. Early on in my Christian walk God showed me what faith in Him can really do. He did this in-part so that He could show Him self to be trust worthy to me. I know He doesn't need to prove anything to me, but He does know that I am a man who does not always trust so easily. 

On a number of occasions, God has provided what I needed which seemed impossible to get, but on one occasion He showed me how important it really is to Him. I went for my motor bike license and at the end of it, 20 out of 21 people got their license. There was one lady who did not get her license and when I noticed this, God said to me to go and tell her 'don't be disheartened'. Now I have never used this word before so I was reluctant to say anything. On the way out to the car park I walked next to her and chatted to her about how I had failed my truck license and attempted to comfort her. Saying everything but what God had asked me to say. We said good bye and I went to my car. As I am sitting in my car I felt the urgency to go and tell her what I was told to say. 

I went over to her car, knocked on the window and she wound it down. 
"hi again. This is going to sound crazy, but I am a Christian and God has told me to tell you not to be disheartened." Now, I don't do this on a regular basis, but God will sometimes ask us to do things that don't make sense. 
This was her response "You know Jay, I have been going to Church for 6 months and all day I have been asking God to let me get my license. It didn't happen, so maybe I will just stop asking for things". 

Amazing! Straight away I knew why God had told me to talk to her. 
"Absolutely not! Keep asking for things, never stop asking Him for things. He wants to talk to you about this stuff". He cared so much about this lady not asking for things he put me in an uncomfortable situation so he could tell her to keep talking to Him.

Boy did I begin to see something great in God. How much He cares about communication and one of the most powerful lessons that any Christian can learn; Ask, Seek, Knock. 

There is so much in these 3 words that express who God is and how He wants us to relate to Him and our circumstances. And I believe that these actions are incredibly important to God. They really say to me this; I will do the believing and you do the providing God.

But this type of believing on my behalf also requires me to act.First I consult and ask God. Then I act on it by seeking out what I have asked for fully expecting to find it. Then, if I have found it I need to start knocking on the door of the house where it is. My God is all about relationships, so it doesn't surprise me that most of the impossible things I have received from God came from being in relationship with people and mostly His church. Of course, these are not rules or the 3 steps to receiving, they are actions that we should be prepared to take knowing that God is good and our provider, believing that He has made a way. 

So remember, Ask, Seek, Knock. Repeat. 


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